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Promiseland is for kids aged 0-11 during our 10:15am gathering. To learn more about what it will be like and what we are learning together, scroll down. You can also access weekly resources for home in the section below.

What are kids learning?

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The world has long enjoyed a good mystery! Who built Stonehenge? Is Big Foot real? Why can I never find my car keys? During the “Shake It Up” series, kids will be introduced to an all-new mystery—what’s in the box? After shaking the mystery box and listening to the contents rattle, thump, or jingle around, kids will be asked to guess what’s inside. When the contents are brought to light, they’ll help us discover more about the greatest light to ever shine—the Light of the World.

HOW are kids learning?

We’ve designed Promiseland to be a safe space for kids to make friends and explore big questions about life, faith, and the world around us.
Each Sunday kids are invited to do this through creative arts,
hands-on learning, and our Kid Pages.

The search is on for our next Children's Pastor! In the interim Andrew Rollo, Student Ministry Pastor, will be standing in the gap and helping to oversee Promiseland. Let us all pray for the right person in God's timing.

Pointing kids to Jesus together,

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