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At Cedarbrook, we believe that life is best when we live it in the company of good friends. And yet, it seems like our pace of life crowds out the very thing that so many of us want: connection with others, a sense of belonging, real friendships.


Sunday mornings at Cedarbrook are great, but it is not very easy to develop relationships with others when all you see is the back of their head during the service. Let’s be honest, in a church the size of ours, it is not always easy to say hello to the same person two weeks in a row, not to mention build a relationship with them!


This is why our Growth Groups (G2) are so central to who we are and what we do here at Cedarbrook. Growth Groups are all about growing in relationships… your relationship with Jesus Christ and with others in the group. There is a G2 here for you! 

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