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Cedarbrook Community Church is searching for our new Senior Pastor. In this time of expectation yet uncertainty, we are asking you to pray for our church, the staff, the work of the Search Team, and for the future pastor we will eventually welcome to our Cedarbrook family.



  • Pray that all decisions made during this time bring honor, praise, and glory to God the Father who is leading His Church.

  • Pray for unity, love, and humility among the Church body as we move forward.

  • Pray for wisdom and discernment of God’s clear voice in the task before us.

  • Pray Christ is magnified and honored in the policies, procedures, and systems that we write and establish together for our church and for the next pastor.

  • Pray we would all seek God’s face and His will during this time and beyond.

  • Pray for the staff as they continue to minister to Cedarbook during this time.

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